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About Us.


For over 25 years CITYWIDE EXPRESS has been committed to providing our customers with the very best personal service possible on every delivery.


We strive to be Southern California’s premiere same-day, on-demand courier service. We demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent service to our clients on every call. Our crew of drivers and pro-active customer service personnel are trained to expedite and assist you in all of your delivery needs.


For three decades Citywide Express has been your affordable local courier service. Based in San Fernando Valley with drivers throughout Southern California, our personal attention to detail can’t be beat. Among our proud list of clients top law firms, financial institutions, printers, schools, medical groups, and the entertainment industry.


Citywide Express drivers take great pride in being the most efficient and professional couriers in the industry. They regard their jobs as important and understand they are representing your company as well. They listen directly to your needs to give you a perfect delivery every time. Each of our dependable and courteous drivers is individually trained to the highest standard.


While we enthusiastically stay at the forefront of digital communications, GPS tracking, and on-line ordering, we believe that nothing replaces the efficiency of human contact. No matter how automated our industry becomes you will ALWAYS have a real person to talk with in our Los Angles offices. Our personal detail to your delivery-needs will always set us apart from the competition.